C1 Mintafeladat

Az íráskészség feladatok mellett található mintamegoldások a felkészülést kívánják segíteni.

You run the Students' Club at the university. You have received this letter from Taubenhausen Orchestra, Austria, who are interested in giving a concert on your campus.

Write a letter in reply of between 220 and 270 words to the secretary of Taubenhausen Orchestra. Write about ALL the points you have underlined with the help of the bubbles. Explain each point in a minimum of 2 clauses, one of which should include your own idea.
Do not write any dates or addresses. End your letter appropriately, without a name underneath. Avoid borrowing from the letter below.


Write a discursive essay of between 230 and 280 words with the title: "Music: an individual pleasure or a social need?"

In your essay you should discuss ALL the points given below in some detail (in a minimum of 2 clauses) using arguments both FOR and AGAINST for each of the points. Support the arguments with your experience, examples and other relevant evidence.

in the home
at work
in places of worship
in public places
(supermarkets, sports events and activities)